Visiting Kaji Aso Studio in Boston: ボストンの麻生花児スタジオ訪問 [Report]

Visiting Kaji Aso Studio (Jan. 21-23, 2017): 麻生花児スタジオ訪問(1/20~ 23)
(Report: See below the photo album ; レポート:写真集の下に掲載)
Day 1: 1日目
January 21, 2017: 1月21日(土)
Views from Symphony Station in Boston: シンフォニー駅から望む風景
Winter Festival at Kaji Aso Studio: 麻生花児スタジオでの冬のフェスティバル
Watercolor painting class in the morning: 午前中の水彩画のクラス
Ceramics class in the afternoon: 午後の陶芸のクラス
Monthly Boston Haiku Society meeting: ボストン俳句協会の月例会
Winter Festival Poetry Reading & Music Event: フェスティバルでの詩朗読・音楽のイベント
See the report below for the brief speech and video presentation by Takahiro Miyao (right); 宮尾尊弘(右)のスピーチとビデオのプレゼンについては下のレポート参照
Day 2: 2日目
January 22, 2017: 1月22日(日)
A day off to explore the city: 休日のボストン探索
(No snow seen anywhere!: 雪が見当たらない暖かい気候)
American sculpture, culture and history: アメリカの彫刻、文化と歴史
Day 3: 3日目
January 23, 2017: 1月23日(月)
Revisiting Kaji Aso Studio: 麻生花児スタジオ再訪
Watercolor painting class-individual projects: 水彩画クラス・個人プロジェクト
Poetry class with common theme "Change": 作詩クラス・共通テーマ「変化」
In "Symphony" Station on the way home: 帰途のシンフォニー駅にて
On an unseasonably warm day of January in Boston, I visited Kaji Aso Studio Institute for Art for the second time in a year, flying in all the way from Los Angeles, where I normally stay. This time the annual Winter Festival for all the Studio members with a common theme "Seagull" attracted me so much that I decided to join with my original picture-music-video work for Mr. Aso's poems about seagulls.
Before the Festival reception to take place in the evening, I sat in two regular classes, watercolor painting and ceramics, taught by first-rate artist teachers, who told me how much they were influenced by Mr. Aso's artistic approach and spirit. In fact, I could see and feel his influence on everyone and everywhere in the Studio even today, more than ten years after his untimely death in 2006.
Also in that afternoon I attended the monthly Boston Haiku Society meeting upstairs at the Studio, which has been the home of the Haiku Society for the last 25 years or so, and again I was impressed by Mr. Aso's poetic sense still very much alive in everyone's mind.
At the beginning of the Winter Festival event, poetry reading and music, in the evening, I was so happy to present my video "Seagull" on the screen to all the participants, even though it is an amateur work, while explaining about the purpose of my approach as follows:
"I think poetry reading is probably one of the simplest but most versatile and inclusive forms of art, because those who can see could enjoy reading the poems written down, whereas those who can hear could enjoy hearing the poems read by others. What I am doing is to make it even more enjoyable and inclusive by drawing pictures about the story of the poem for those who can see, and by composing music for the poem to be sung for those who can hear. I believe this kind of "combined" or "integrated" art across different genres is very much in the spirit of Mr. Aso, who was not only a good poet, but also a professional painter and an excellent singer. I hope you, artists in various genres, can cooperate to produce this kind of socially inclusive art at this Studio."
"Seagull" (English poem: Kaji Aso, pictures, music & Japanese words: Takahiro Miyao)
In that evening, I also enjoyed beautiful poetry reading, singing and piano performance, together with other participants in the event.
Two days later I was back at the Studio to attend two more classes, painting and poetry, where students' initiative and creativity seemed to be valued and encouraged.
During the class activities, much of the conversation among the teacher and students was about Mr. Aso's views, ideas, attitude and behavior, that they said they still vividly remembered.
After participating in various events and activities at the Studio, I strongly feel that Mr. Kaji Aso should be more widely known and appreciated, especially in Japan, where he was also active as an artist and college teacher, as in the U.S.
Finally I wish to express my gratitude to all the Studio members for their hospitality extended to me so generously.
(Takahiro Miyao)
ボストンの1月としては季節外れの暖かな日に、ロスからボストンのアートスクール「麻生花児スタジオ」(Kaji Aso Studio)を訪ね、毎年冬に行われるフェスティバルに参加した。今年の共通テーマは「カモメ」とのことで、私も麻生氏のカモメの詩に絵と曲を付けたビデオを作成して初日に臨んだ。
「カモメ」"Seagull" (英詩:麻生花児、絵・曲・日本語訳・歌:宮尾尊弘)
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"Seagull" (English poem: Kaji Aso, pictures, music & Japanese words: T. Miyao)
"Gusty March Wind" (poem: Kate Finnegan, music/pictures: T. Miyao)
"Four Seasons" (poems: Kaji Aso, music/pictures: T. Miyao)
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