Review on Film Music "Sully"; 批評:映画音楽「ハドソン川の奇跡」 [Review]

Review on Film Music "Sully"; 批評:映画音楽「ハドソン川の奇跡」

〔1〕English; 英語 (See below [2] for Japanese version; 日本語は下の〔2〕を参照)

Christian Jacob’s music for the film “Sully”
--- Beauty is in the eye of the master

I have once compared Christian Jacob to the Japanese tea ceremony master Rikyu, when it comes to his piano solo in his album, Christian Jacob: Beautiful Jazz. That is because his well-poised, masterful performance seems to insist that “beauty is in the eye of the master, that is me,” which Rikyu said in reply to a layman’s question “who decides beauty and how in the tea ceremony?” Furthermore, just as Rikyu’s tea ceremony, in which beauty should be everywhere even where nothing appears to be arranged, Christian’s beauty prevails even when he pauses and does not hit a note.

As it turns out, I am probably not the only one who feels about Christian’s music that way, but Clint Eastwood must have felt the same way, when he decided to use Christian’s music for his film “Sully.” Actually, in the film you don’t hear much music but only well-poised, restrained piano sound now and then. Still, whenever you hear it, you feel like it has been there all the time and you have just noticed it is there. In other words, throughout the film, beauty prevails even when no sound is heard.

“Silence is golden,” not because silence is good for itself, but because your sound, whether music or voice, becomes so effective, whenever necessary, in contrast to no sound in silence, just as a single flower on the wall can look magnificent in a plain tea house with no other decorations. Oh, what a good feeling to hear a joyous melody behind the scene where all the passengers are saved out of lifeboats by coastguards!

Film master Clint Eastwood clearly knows how to use music master Christian Jacob most effectively, just as national ruler Hideyoshi successfully made use of tea ceremony master Rikyu to strengthen his power and authority in the country. I am sure “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” between the two masters, Clint and Christian, who may well work together to produce beautiful films like “Sully” for many years to come.
[2] Japanese; 日本語


私は以前クリスチャン・ジェイコブのピアノソロアルバム「Christian Jacob: Beauiful Jazz」について、彼を茶道のマスターの利休になぞらえたことがある。彼の沈着かつ卓越した演奏が、「美の基準はマスターである私が決める」と言っているように聞こえるからである。実はそれこそが、「茶道で美の基準は誰がどう決めているのですか」という世俗人の質問に対する利休の答えであった。またクリスチャンがピアノの手を止めて音を出していなくでも彼の美学が感じられるアルバムは、ちょうど何の作為がなくとも美が感じられる利休の茶会に例えられよう。