国際P2M学会秋季研究発表大会(9/15):IAP2M Fall Conference 9/15/2012 [Report]

国際P2M学会秋季研究発表大会(9/15):IAP2M Fall Conference 9/15/2012

"Social Contribution through Business Models and P2M -- Searching for New Business Forms in the Era of Globalization"

Place: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology-Koganei, Lecture Bldg.
2012年9月15日に東京農工大学小金井キャンパスにおいて、IAP2M(国際プロジェクト・プログラムマネジメント学会)の2012年度秋季研究発表大会が開催された。以下が写真と日英両語の要旨 (For Japanese and English summaries, see below the photo section)。

10:00-12:00: 個別研究論文発表:Individual Seminar Presentations
A会場:ビジネスモデル・トラック、Room A: Business Model Track
B/C会場:社会価値の創造・トラック、Room B/C: Social Value Creation Track
D会場:理論・スキル・トラック、Room D: Theories/Skills Track
E会場:P2M理論その他研究・トラック、Room E: P2M Theory/Other Study Track

A会場のセッション:Sessions in Room A; B/C会場のセッション:Sessions in Room B/C
D会場のセッション:Sessions in Room D; E会場のセッション:Sessions in Room E

13:00-15:00: 会長挨拶と基調講演:Introductory Address and Keynote Speech
吉田邦夫会長の紹介と基調講演者・柴原 誠氏(住友商事株式会社・元専務執行役員・顧問)
Chairman Kunio Yoshida's Address and Speaker Mr. Makoto Shibahara
(Former Senior Executive Managing Officer, Adviser, Sumitomo Corporation)
Speech Title: "Business Models for General Trading Company", Subtitle: How to Learn from Program Management of Excellent Companies in Japan

講演後の活発な質疑応答:Active Q&A Session After the Speech

15:15-17:00: パネルディスカッション「優れた提案はどのように創造できるのか」
Panel Discussion: "How to Create Excellent Business Proposals"
Presentation by Moderator Satoka Yamane (Lecturer, School of Management, Tokyo University of Science)
(from Left): Satoka Yamane (TUS), Panelists: Makoto Shibahara (Sumitomo Corp.), Akio Mitsufuji (President, Project Management Association of Japan), Nobuaki Arai (Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Patent Attorney)
参加者による活発な討論:Active Floor Discussion





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On September 15, 2012, the Fall Conference of IAP2M (International Association of Program and Project Management) was held at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Koganei-shi, Tokyo. The main theme was: "Social Contribution through Business Models and P2M -- Searching for New Business Forms in the Era of Globalization."

In the morning (10:00-12:00), there were individual seminar sessions with a total of 14 presentations, which took place in four tracks (Room A-E), as indicated in the photo section above.

In the early afternoon (13:00-15:00), IAP2M Chairman Kunio Yoshida gave an opening address, introducing the keynote speaker, Mr. Makoto Shibahara (Former Senior Executive Managing Officer, Adviser, Sumitomo Corporation), who delivered a speech on "Business Models for General Trading Company."

After briefly referring to Japanese Wikipedia's explanations about the general trading company as too simplistic and meaningless, Mr. Shibahara outlined the history of business activities of the major general trading companies over the last 40 some years, mostly following the explanations posted on the Kids News page of Japan Foreign Trade Council Inc. (
Mr. Shibahara's focus was on a drastic change in the business model of the general trading company from the trade-based company model to the business-operating company model during the 1990s. This has fundamentally altered the attitude and behavior of all managers and employees at general trading companies, especially with regard to risk evaluations and risk-taking decisions.
He also mentioned that even though there have been many failures in carrying out various projects, particularly business operations overseas, such experiences and analyses of failures have been shared and accumulated within the company for business improvements in the future.
Toward the end of his speech and also in response to a question from the floor, Mr. Shibahara raised an interesting point that the managerial efforts of finding the best balance between returns on individual projects and the corporate-wide portfolio of various projects seem closely related to the concept of total optimization in program and project management, theoretically studied at the IAP2M.

In the late afternoon (15:15-18:00), the panel discussion on "How to Create Excellent Business Proposals" was held with the moderator, Lecturer Satoka Yamane (Tokyo University of Science), and the panelists, Mr. Makoto Shibahara (Sumitomo Corp.), Mr. Akio Mitsufuji (President, Project Management Association of Japan), Visiting Professor Nobuaki Arai (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Patent Attorney).
After an introductory presentation by the moderator, focusing on three factors such as "organizational structure", "human resources" and "management methods," from the viewpoint of P2M, the three panelists expressed their views, opinions as well as questions about those three factors, supposedly contributing to the creation of excellent business proposals.
After the panelists’ presentations and the moderator's conclusions, questions from the floor centered on how to relate the views and opinions expressed in the discussion to the existing body of knowledge and analyses at IAP2M, leaving many issues and problems to be explored further in the future.

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